In Loving Memory

Musings on the rapid disappearance of Florida’s natural world and heritage

“Solastalgia”, Cyanotype prints of invasive plants and personal artifacts, adhered to antique mannequin dress form, Adjustable height 40-60″x14″x8″, 2020

“Child in Nature”, Assemblage sculpture made with found objects: Custom fit glass cloche on tree cutting stand with adhered cyanotype paper, broken porcelain doll, mounted bird nest with plastic inclusions, insects, snake skin, and antique hair pins, 13x8x10″, 2020

“11 and counting; ephemeral endemic species of Florida”,Drypoint etching plates layered on accompanying prints with added monotype textures and gold pigment, Various sizes 5 1/2” -10 1/2”, 2018

“Islands”, Large Scale Woodblock Prints, 24×36″ ea, 2018


“Visions”, Deconstructed monotype prints layered with hand-cut plastic– mounted in shadow box, 7×19″, 2018

“Floridana” Intaglio etching w/ added watercolor, 8×10″, 2018