Brandie Dziegiel is an artist and art educator based out of Clearwater, FL. Before she received her bachelor’s degree in art education, she was active duty in the United States Military. Her relief prints have been published and she was recently awarded an “Emerging Artist” Grant. Her drawings are personal narratives filled with symbolism, anthropomorphism, and mythic elements—greatly inspired by childhood memory and her surrounding humid environment. When she’s not wandering around in Florida swamps, you can find her hiding in her studio with her pup, carving woodblocks and drawing earthly creatures. 

Artist Statement:

“I approach printmaking as medium that has potential to be used as a powerful mnemonic device. Although my practice as a printmaker is rooted in traditional processes, such as relief woodblock printing and intaglio etching, I’ve become increasingly more experimental with alternative processes such as dry point etching on plexi-glass, deconstructed monotypes, and processes that include more than one method. I aim to create a sense of spirit through all methods using energetic, instinctive areas of negative space, juxtaposed with symbolic figurative imagery to express a personal narrative with a universal interpretation. Common themes explored in my work include; memory, trans-generational trauma, and mythology. My latest body of works functions as a form of social commentary rooted in environmentalism. It highlights some of Florida’s most imperiled species and ecosystems while also bringing awareness to the mythic present and threatened natural heritage. “